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Reflexology and Foot Massage

An Introduction to Foot Massage and Reflexology By Isabelle Llang

Foot Massage has been around for thousands of years and there are even Paintings in the Ancient Pyramids of Egypt depicting Foot Massage Taking Place. Evidence shows that it was also widely practised in Ancient China. Which is not suprising as China is where Acupuncture comes from.....

 The Term Reflexology is a relatively modern one, I use both, but I think Foot Massage is more down to Earth and Friendly...Ology's always remind me of frightening looking Physicians in white coats that want to give me a Gynacological examination for every Ailment I have!
  As with Acupuncture, Reflexology points work on the theory that the body's Organs, limbs etc. have lines of Energy flowing through them in channels called Meridians.
  These Meridians Terminate at certain places in the body, the feet, hands and ears are just some of these places....
  The Ear Terminations are the theory behind Ear Candling and Ear  Massage and Acupuncture.....
  Whereas the Feet and Hand Terminations are the Theory behind Foot and Hand Reflexology......
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