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 Hypnosis is a scientifically and medically accepted technique, used to induce a change in a persons actions or state of conciousness. Not only is it used by stage hypnotists for entertainment, and by "Hypnotherapists" to cure addictions such as smoking and drinking. It is also used for the rather frightening concept of surgical and dental pain relief.

 By monitoring human brainwaves using Electro Encephalograms or EEG's as they are known, scientists have so far discovered four prominent frequencies of Brain Activity.These have been given the names Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta Brainwaves.

The respective frequencies of these individual states of consiousness or brainwaves are as follows:

Alpha Waves or Alpha State as the person is termed to be in when these brainwaves ocurr, appear in the frequency range of 14-32 Hertz (Cycles Per Second). The Alpha state is recognized as the state we are in when we are relaxed or day dreaming, maybe with closed eyes (But not asleep).

Beta Waves are in the frequency of 14-32 Hertz, and this is our normal state of conciousness when alert and performing tasks. 

Theta Waves or the Theta State Cycles between 4-7 Cycles Per Second or Hertz, and this state is recognized as the one we are in when we are drowsy.

 Finally Delta waves are in the 3-5 Hertz range and Delta is the state we are in when we are sleeping, particularly when we are in deep sleep. Delta Wave activity is at its strongest when we are in a dreaming state.

The two states most commonly induced during Hypnosis are the Alpha and the Theta States, the Alpha State or state of relaxation is commonly used for Hypnosis during treatment for addictions and habits such as smoking , to help with weight loss, and also to induce self motivation or even improvement in a physical activity.

The research into Hypnosis in the Theta State is however the most interesting and amazing. It has been found through research that many analgesics (Pain Killers) and Anesthetics effect the output of Theta Waves. Working with subjects hypnotically lowered into the Theta State with suggestions of "Pain Free Areas"  or even a total pain free body. Both Surgical and Dental Operations have been able to be performed apparently totally pain free.

This amazing use of Hypnosisis called Hypnoanesthesia,where the patient assumes the same characteristics of an Anesethetized person and Hypnoanalgesia where the patient is aware of their surroundings but pain free.