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Kidney Stones Explained


If you've ever had a kidney stone, I don't need to tell you that kidney stones tend to cause a great deal of discomfort. Some researchers say kidney stones actually hurt more than child birth. Not an enjoyable situation to say the least.


So, what exactly are kidney stones?


When the urine in the kidneys starts to get too concentrated, usually from the lack of enough water, Kidney stones begin to form on the inner surfaces of the kidneys. Much like what happens when you try to dissolve too much sugar in a glass of water… the urine in the kidneys cannot dissolve and carry away the extra stone-forming chemicals and salts. Those chemicals and salts get left behind in the kidneys!


If the urine stays too concentrated, the stones start to grow in size just like a crystal garden! and will eventually start to cause pain. The pain can either come from the stone blocking the passage of urine into the bladder, or an even more intense pain when the stones break loose and travel from the kidneys down to the bladder.


Once the pain begins, it is very difficult to stay still and you will find yourself walking around or struggling to find a position that will relieve some of the pain. However, there is no position that will help and as a result, many doctors call this movement "The Kidney Stone Dance."


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