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Bird Flu Symptoms

What Are The Symtoms Of Bird Flu??

Bird Flu, as has emerged in South East Asia, shares many of the "Classic Flu" symptoms, including Fever, Headache, Sore Throat, Muscle Aches and Pains and a general feeling of Lethargy. Although, the human strain of Bird Flu seems to primarily attack the respiratory tract and so also causes Chest Pain and Breathing Difficulty. Also reported in  H5N1 infection is that Conjunctivitus (Eye Infection) also occurs, so, sore,aching eyes usually accompanied by discharge is also a symptom of this Flu variant.

If there is a Bird Flue outbreak and you develop any of the above symptoms, then it is imperative that you seek medical advice and attention immediately.As well as implementing the preventive measures to help prevent infection to those around you.

Although there is presently no proven vaccine developed
for Bird Flu, there are precautionary measures that........
Bird Flu or H5N1 to give it its scientific viral name,
first hit the news in 1997, when there was an outbreak...