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Own the Whole Bird Flu Survival Guide

  • Written by Stephen Jones, an Australian Biologist
  • In handy digital pdf format, download it right away (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free download on the payment screen if you don't already have it)
  • 25 pages, easy to read, clear and concise
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Includes the following topics:

    • What is It
    • What Could Happen
    • What to Do
    • What are the Symptoms
    • How to Care for Infected Persons
    • What to Buy
    • How to Survive
    • Folk Medicines and Herbs (scientifically researched)- Tamiflu and Relenza Alternatives
Bird Flu Survival Guide

About the Author (Stephen Jones, Australia)

I am registered biology teacher. I have a lovely wife and four beautiful children. Since 1997, when the world first experienced human fatalities from an outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in Hong Kong I have casually watched the progress of the H5N1 Bird Flu virus.

After most of Hong Kong’s chickens were culled, several scientists stated that a potential H5N1 Birdflu pandemic had been averted by eliminating the virus completely from the island. This made me curious about how a seemingly simple bird flu infection far away on an island could potentially wreck havoc on the whole world, including my family.

In early 2004 an outbreak of the bird flu began in Vietnam. The H5N1 Bird Flu virus was now spreading in relatively poor and underdeveloped countries with thousands of backyard chicken farms. There was little chance of eliminating the H5N1 Bird Flu virus completely from South East Asia. This logically suggested that a pandemic could occur. Also each past pandemic originated from a bird flu virus and this H5N1 bird flu virus was still rapidly evolving towards pandemic like characteristics.

The threat of a pandemic was starting to appear to be a real possibility so in May 2005 I began making preparations to protect my family based on the infection control guidelines established by the World Health Organisation.

It has taken my wife and I three months to prepare psychologically and emotionally for some of the horrendous situations that could happen in a severe pandemic. Most people would not voluntarily want to contemplate about such horror scenarios. Consequently, it has cost us at least $500 to prepare ourselves.

It has taken months to find the information that I needed to know to protect my family. Later, I realised that the government was doing little to assist people to prepare themselves if a severe pandemic occurs. Thousands of lives could be lost needlessly simply because the public is not being adequately informed. All fears dissolve to cautious awareness when preparations are complete.

I have since appeared in newspaper articles, held information meetings and lobbied politicians, mayors and anyone else to get people to start preparing themselves now for a severe pandemic. It is now likely that a H5N1 pandemic will occur but no one knows when it will appear or how deadly the pandemic will be.

I consider my own preparations as a form of insurance against a possible future event. My family is more valuable to me than a house and houses are insured against even less likely events. I also love people. This is why I am helping you to become prepared instead of keeping this information to myself. Ultimately a community that works together has a better chance of survival. It is also a better way to live.