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Aromatherapy Explained

Aromatherapy involves the application to the body of essential oils that are extracted from aromatic plants, and also the Inhalation of their “Aroma”. Aromatherapy is used for relaxation, balance, rejuvenation or to enhance and restore body, mind and spirit. Pure Essential Oils are extracted from many parts of the plant such as the Leaf, Resin, Flower, Stem, Seed, Root, Rhizome, Rind and Berry.

Many of the Essential Oils are too “Strong” to be applied directly to the skin, especially on sensitive areas such as the face, and so are often Diluted using a “Carrier Oil” such as Grape Seed Oil.

Aromatherapy is used to strengthen the process of self healing by stimulating the immune system indirectly. Essential oils are used quite widely and their usage ranges from deep, penetrating application to the skin, usually accompanied by Massage, to the very subtle use of a perfume or fragrance. Quite often, these fragrances are released into the Treatment Room or Home by Warming the Essential Oil over a Tea Light Candle in a Purpose Made Oil Burner

Many people consider aromatherapy to be ancient, and the New Age Gurus say that the Oils have a direct effect on the Body’s Chakras, and so directly effect the flow of Energy and hence well being, both in Body, Mind and Spirit . Even those who adopt a modern approach to it consider it to be in tune with nature.

Aromatherapists blend different essential oils to produce new aromas, and Massage Oils once they have established their technical understanding of an oil’s constituents.

Aromatherapy provides very individual results for each person. Although there are general guidelines regarding the action that certain Essential Oils have, one Aromatherapists’ description of an oils properties and characteristics, can vary from another. Similar to medicine, two individual recipients can be affected quite differently by the Oil, or Blend of Essential Oils.

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