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Bird Flu Prevention

How Do I prevent myself from catching Bird Flue??

Thats being asked a lot in this present time. Whilst there is no guaranteed sure way of not catching the H5N1 strain of the Flue Virus. There are sensible Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacterial precautions you can take. Initially, until (if) the virus mutates into a form easily transmitted to/by man, then the preventitive measures are more geared towards the poultry industry and wild birds in general.

If and when the virus does reach the human form, then a few simple Anti-Viral measures will help to reduce the risk of infection, as is the case with any form of Influenza or even common cold. 

  Bird Flue or H51N to give it its scientific viral name,
  first hit the news in 1997 when there was an outbreak...
    Prepare For Bird Flu
Precautions such as washing ones hands regularly, preferably with an Anti-Viral Soap, also cleaning surfaces regularly touched with Anti Viral or Anti Bacterial wipes. Door Handles, Telephones, Toilet Flush Handles are all ares where left uncleaned, bacteria and Viruses can "Lurk" and await transmission to an unsuspecting "Host". Telephone recievers, Mobile Telephones, Computer Keyboards are all "Teaming" with millions of bacteria, invisible, potentially deadly. Again Anti Bacterial wipes will help to render these surfaces safer.
If the worst happens and the H5N1 Virus does become "Humanized", then other more drastic precautions will become common place. Such as wearing latex gloves in public places, as said above "Surfaces" are one of the most common places for bacteria and viruses to lurk, think how many different people touch the hanrail on a bus, train or even staircase.
Whilst you are wearing these gloves, then obviously keep your hands away from your nose and mouth, until you have safely disposed of them and washed your hands with Anti-Viral soap.
Another precaution that that South East Asian countries implimented, particularly when they had the SARS scare, was the distribution of Medical Grade Anti Viral Face  Masks.
If a Pandemic ocurrs an you show symptoms of the
Flue, you should contact your GP immediately.
     Prepare For Bird Flu